Immediate Dentures

What are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are a type of full conventional dentures that are delivered at the same time the teeth are extracted enabling the patient to leave the office with teeth in a single visit. An immediate denture is a solution for patients with terminal dentition that do not want to go without teeth for an extended period of time. Immediate dentures offer a comfortable and cosmetic solution for patients that need a cost-effective tooth replacement option.

Immediate Dentures
Immediate dentures can significantly improve a patient’s dental cosmetics and ability to chew.

What is the Process for an Immediate Denture?

After is has been determined the patient is a good candidate for this type of treatment, the first appointment is a diagnostic appointment where dental impressions and other records are taken. These records will ensure the immediate denture fits and functions properly and has the cosmetic characteristics the patient wants. With this preliminary information, the immediate denture is fabricated by one of our trusted dental laboratories. After the denture is made, the patient is scheduled for the surgical portion of the treatment. At this appointment the teeth are gently removed and the denture is delivered and adjusted for the patient. After the patient has healed and has some experience functioning with the denture, the immediate denture is generally “re-lined” to ensure ideal fit and function. Because immediate dentures are made before the patient fully heals from the tooth removal process, immediate dentures generally have to be replaced a year or more later if their fitment is compromised due to the healing of the gums.

What are Immediate Dentures Made of?

Immediate dentures are made out of a biocompatible acrylic material that closely replicates natural teeth and gingiva. They are made by hand by an experienced dental lab technician custom for each patient.

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