Fluoride Free Hydroxyapatite Varnish

Professional-strength results, without the toxins.

Fluoride Free Hydroxyapatite Varnish Application

Formulated with biomimetic ingredients including science-backed nano-Hydroxyapatite, our hydroxyapatite varnish addresses specific concerns like generalized or root sensitivity, cavity arrest and reversal, hypoplastic enamel, and whitening.

Our nano-Hydroxyapatite is the only form currently approved for safety by a regulatory body, the SCCS in the EU, and it is the highest quality nano-Hydroxyapatite available on the global market.

Our nano-hydroxyapatite professional varnish gives you the same results as fluoride professional varnish, with none of the toxic side effects.

Safe, effective, and non-toxic for all ages, from young children to adults to pregnant women.

Who should use Our Fluoride Free Hydroxyapatite Professional Varnish?

  • Patients with chronic tooth or root sensitivity
  • Kids and adults with demineralization or active cavities that you want to reverse or arrest
  • People who want to whiten their teeth in a biomimetic way
  • Anyone with hypoplastic or undermineralized enamel who wants extra protection
  • Anyone in active orthodontic aligners, braces, trays, or appliances
  • Anyone who is considered at high-risk for cavities or sensitivity

How is the Varnish Applied?

The application of the varnish only takes a few seconds. We first dry the patient’s teeth then we paint on the varnish on to each individual tooth and exposed root surfaces. We then dry the varnish so it tacks up and sticks to the teeth. We then instruct the patient to not eat or drink for approximately 30 minutes after the application.

After Care Instructions:

Fluoride Free Varnish After Care Instructions